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TOREX has been operating the Quality Management System specified in ISO 9001:2000 since 2003. In 2006 we started to implement the Environment Management System specified in ISO 14001:2000. Both Systems operate as an integrated Management System and are certified by TUV SUD of Germany.

Our overall objective is to produce curtain poles to our customers’ satisfaction whilst minimizing our impact on the environment.

We reach this objective by systematic review and improvement of production methods to maximize quality and minimize the impact on the environment of production processes, particularly as regards the emission of dust particles and the reduction of waste. Using safe technologies for staff and for the environment.

The quality of Torex’s products from 1999 is confirmed by the certificate of FSC®, Forestward Stewardship Council®.

The purpose of activity of this organization is popularization the method of conduct the rational forest economy which according to the principles takes into account the economic, public and natural aspects of the forests and forestry in the whole world.

Ensure the client, that he chooses and buys the product, which no doubt takes place from the forest that fulfills the Standards of Good Forest Economy of FSC® and buying this product does not impact the environmental, breaking the worker’s rights, illegal use of natural supplies, whether impoverishments the bio-differences of forest ecosystems.


TOREX has been in operation as a wooden curtain pole manufacturer since 1986. It is located in Piatek near Janowice, the geographical centre of Poland, distant (about 22 miles from Lodz). Since the day of its foundation, the company embarked on an ambitious development programme based on up to date styles and top quality standards.

In 2007 production by the 300 strong workforce passed the 2,5 million curtain poles mark. This is thanks to the highly mechanized and integrated production processes from in house kiln drying through to wood turning, varnishing, finishing and packaging.

Our offer is based on the production wooden curtain poles sometimes with finishing touches in steel, brass or other material. Product size ranges from 11mm in diameter to 50 mm and in 1m length to 4 m in one section. The TOREX Product Development Department designs a wide variety of products to the latest trends as designed in house or to customers’ specifications.

In 1999 TOREX obtained the FSC Certification and in 2003 year production was certified to ISO 9001:2000 and from 2006 to ISO 14001:2004.



All these factors have allowed TOREX to offer its products very successfully to the major European Home Improvement Distributors. But we are never satisfied with our progress and we constantly monitor market trends to adapt and widen our offer always keeping in mind quality and customer satisfaction.

More generally TOREX seeks to maintain its leading position by investing constantly in human resources and advanced technology. For a number of years the protection of the environment has been an increasingly important parameter in our operations. Production is now carried out with this is mind: For instance a water base varnish is used for the finishing of our products and wood processing methods are designed to minimize waste. All our wood is sourced from sustainable forests.

Please bear in mind that: the models presented on this website are but a small selection from our very wide offer.

Our fundamental principle is that every order is produced from raw material to packaged product to the highest customers’ expectations.

Please call us and give us the opportunity to show you how we can be of service!



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